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Chapter 2 - Page 10

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Between Infinity

Between Infinity takes place in a cyberpunk world where life is shades of neon and gray. Updates every Thursday!


New artist!

Good news, everybody!

Between Infinity has a new artist! Aenea has offered to fill the role, and she has done a fantastic job of getting up to speed. She’s a fun German lady who is studying to be a librarian, and a very welcome addition to the team.

Everyone give her a round of applause, and we’ll be putting up the new schedule and continuing the comic soon!


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Hello everyone,

I have a bit of bad news. Jillybean, the artist, has hit upon some Real Life issues that she has to take care of and to handle these things, she is bowing out from the comic. She did a wonderful job, and her presence will be missed.

That said, I would like to try and continue the comic at all possible. I've paid for hosting for 11 more months, and I'd like to make the most of it with another artist. If you're interested, feel free to contact me directly on SJ. I have scripts in hand for the next dozen pages or so, and a page synopsis for the first act.

Thank you all for following us up to this point. Everyone's support has been heartening, and everyone needs to send Jillybean hugs when they can.


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Hurricane-induced hiatus!

The artist, Jillybean, is currently experiencing the loveliness that is "lack of electricity" due to a hurricane that ripped through the east coast. As we were already against our buffer, this sudden loss of communication with the outside world has kind of hit us rather hard.

I DO have some filler images I can put up, though, in the meantime (even though they may be a bit haphazard, because she's tons better at this stuff than I am). If there's interest, I do have some short stories that I have been itching to write...

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Hard launch!

The past week has been fascinating to watch the metrics for the comic. It would make an awesome roller coaster ride - a peak, then a rather rapid descent for a while, followed by another peak. Considering we had covers up, this is kind of impressive and something Jillybean should be pretty proud of.

Today is the actual launch of the comic part of the webcomic. The part with the words and such, and actual action.

Well, the Senator's certainly seeing some action.

And with that, enjoy today's comic! If you like what you see, feel free to click the votey button (BUTTERFLIES!) and the +FAV button in the upper right so you can keep us in your SmackJeeves list alongside other awesome comics.


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A votey, and cover!

You may notice that there is a happy little 'vote' button alongside each comic. If you click it, magical butterflies will fly out of your screen and grant you wishes (one in a billion chance!). There is also a chance that it will take you to a page where, if you vote for the comic, the little number for it will decrease and people might acknowledge its existence.

So click the button! Who knows, you might get butterflies!

We also hope you enjoy the cover for today. Friday will be the next comic, where we start digging into the story.

See you Friday!

~Matt and Jillian

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A beginning!

It all started with a compliment. It grew into a friendship. From there, the seeds were planted. Time and nurturing, with a fair bit of sweat and tears, turned a rough idea into what you see today. We are happy that you have come to our site to see the beginning of this tale of swords and intrigue, and hope you will enjoy it from here - the beginning - to the final page.

We have plans... So very many plans. But for now, you will have to deal with this lovely image until we begin our updates in earnest on May 23rd.

Again, our thanks for taking a look. It's going to be a wild ride.

~Matt and Jillian

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